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Heroic Act by Trikal Chakraborty Amidst Torrential Rains, 11-foot-long Python rescued from Srikona

In an extraordinary act of wildlife conservation, Trikal Chakraborty, a renowned snake rescuer, saved and rehabilitated a massive python from a village in Srikona amidst heavy rainfall. This Monday morning, Chakraborty braved the downpour to respond to a distress call and successfully released the python back into its natural habitat.

The recent flooding in the Barak Valley has driven numerous reptile species into human settlements, resulting in a surge of rescue calls for the Forest Department and Chakraborty. At around 7 AM, Chakraborty received a call about a python entangled in netting and firewood in a remote village of Srikona. Despite the torrential rain, he managed to free the 30kg, 11-foot-long python with the assistance of local residents.

Chakraborty described the situation, detailing how he had to navigate heavy rain and challenging conditions to reach the trapped python. He emphasized the crucial role the local community played in the rescue operation, highlighting that such a large snake could not have been rescued without their help.

The incursion of snakes into human habitats has become more frequent due to the recent deluge. Chakraborty explained that the flooding had inundated both natural habitats and human settlements, causing confusion among reptiles and prompting them to migrate into urban areas. He noted that this pattern of behaviour leads to multiple rescue calls every year following floods.

Pythons, which are constrictors, pose significant risks as they can kill by coiling around their prey and tightening their muscles. Chakraborty noted incidents where pythons had consumed livestock such as hens and ducks in rural areas of the district.

Following the rescue, Chakraborty conducted an awareness session for the villagers, educating them on how to handle situations when snakes encroach on human habitats. He expressed satisfaction over the growing number of rescue calls and the reduction in snakes being killed due to human conflict.

The efforts of Trikal Chakraborty and the cooperation of the local community highlight the importance of wildlife conservation and the need for continued awareness to protect both human and animal lives during natural calamities.

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