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Hindus will get brutally beaten if they visit Church on Christmas Day; Bajrang Dal issues warning

Sohan Singh Solanki, National Convenor of Bajrang Dal is in Silchar. Yesterday, he spoke at Bajrang Dal’s working committee meeting held at Banga Bhavan. During his speech, he appealed to the Hindus to stay united and combat the forces that attack the essence of the Hindu Religion.

In the meeting, Bajrang Dal’s district general secretary Mithun Nath made explosive statements. “If Hindus go and visit Churches on Christmas Day, they will get brutally beaten,” said Nath during his speech. He added, “They are locking temples in Shillong and we are going and celebrating with them. This cannot happen, we will not allow this to happen.”

Nath went on to say, “Yes, the press calls us Gunda Gang. If our Hindu girls are touched and harassed we will become Gundas and we are proud of it.” Nath continued with his jibe at the press. “I know what will be the headline on December 26. Bajrang Dal goons vandalised Oriental School will be the news in every newspaper, but we don’t care. We will not allow Hindus in programmes during Christmas when they are locking gates of temples in Shillong,” he said.

The Shillong temple incident he was referring to is the recent locking of Vivekananda Cultural Centre located in Quinton Road Shillong. The centre is a part of Ramakrishna Mission where students are offered advanced Computer courses at a lower cost.

The secretary Maharaj of the mission confirmed that the members of Khasi Students Union did not lock any temple. “The issue was related to the cultural centre and the temples and dispensary is functioning properly,” he said.

We had misspelt Mithun Das as Mithu Das. We have made the correction.

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