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Historic Temple in Karimganj's Ratabari Area Ravaged by Miscreants: DC and SP visit spot, 2 detained

In a shocking act of vandalism, miscreants set ablaze a revered 200-year-old temple in Karimganj’s Ratabari area, sending shockwaves through the local community and sparking concerns of communal tension. The incident occurred under the veil of darkness in Damcherra Tripura Punji of Ratabari, creating a significant uproar among the devotees and residents.

The historical significance of the temple, coupled with the destruction of sacred idols within its walls, has stirred profound anguish among the local populace. For generations, this ancient religious site has been a symbol of spiritual solace and cultural heritage. The brazen act of arson has not only threatened the sanctity of the temple but has also deeply wounded the religious sentiments of the people who hold it dear.

In response to the situation, a swift and measured approach has been taken by the local authorities to prevent any potential outbreak of communal violence. To that end, the Deputy Commissioner of Karimganj, the DIG Southern Range, and the SP of Karimganj Police, Partha Protim Das, personally visited the site today to engage with the local residents. This move aims to foster community trust and reassure them that justice will be served.

Speaking to the publication, Karimganj SP Partha Protim Das provided an update on the ongoing investigation, stating, “So far, we have detained two individuals in connection with this grave incident. Our teams are working diligently to uncover the culprits behind this heinous act. We urge people to refrain from rumour-mongering and maintain peace and tranquility in these trying times.”

The authorities’ proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents reflect their commitment to maintaining peace and preventing any potential escalation of tensions. The presence of high-ranking officials at the scene underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgency with which it is being addressed.

It is essential to recognize the context in which this incident occurred. The Ratabari area has experienced simmering communal tensions in the recent past. A dispute over land ownership has pitted two parties against each other, with one group claiming rights to the land and the other labeling them as encroachers. This ongoing conflict prompted action by the Circle Officer, underscoring the underlying tensions that have plagued the region.

As the police launch a thorough investigation into the shocking temple arson, their primary focus remains identifying and apprehending the culprits responsible for this heinous act. The delicate nature of the situation requires a delicate balance between ensuring justice is served and preventing any further violence or unrest in the area.

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