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Huge traffic jam in Udharbond; Picnic craze made life horrible for the locals 

The first Sunday of the year and the residents of Barak Valley are certain that they do not want to stay at home. The “Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hain” feeling is visible all across the valley. Since early morning, busses with balloons, banners, and loudspeakers over it were spotted heading towards various picnic spots in the valley.

Over the last few years, Udharbond became one of the favorite picnic destinations for the Barakians. Since early morning, long queues of busses were spotted in the Udharbond area. Untimely rain has disrupted the quarry roads and that has caused a huge vehicular traffic jam between Udharbond Police station to Udharbond Uttarpara.

After hours of traffic jams, Udharbond Police got into action and it took them more than two hours to get the buses moving again. “While the vehicles are moving now, roads are still very crowded and it is again set to get worse when the picnic-parties return back towards Silchar,” informs a local resident.

She added, “High decibel music and the honks made life very difficult for us. Dealing with such noise pollution is not easy and remember it is not one song being played by one picnic party. It is a case where hundreds of buses playing different kinds of songs. All you can hear is noise, no music.”

As per the latest available reports, there is a traffic jam right now too as the vehicles are returning back from the respective picnic spots.

Modhura Quarry, Koomber Tea Estate, Khaspur were the busy picnic spots today.

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