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Illegal Burmese Areca Nuts Seized in Special Operation Led by Cachar SP Numal Mahatta

In a major crackdown against the transportation of illegal Burmese areca nuts, a special operation was carried out within the jurisdiction of Dholai Police Station, under the leadership of Superintendent of Police (SP) Numal Mahatta. The operation, which spanned over the last 12 hours, resulted in significant seizures and the arrest of two individuals.

During the operation, the authorities intercepted and seized two vehicles believed to be involved in the illicit transportation of Burmese areca nuts. The first vehicle, an auto bearing registration number AS-11-DC-6184, was found loaded with approximately 150 kilograms of suspected Burmese supari. The driver of the auto, identified as Iqbal Hussain Barbhuiya (28 years old), son of the late Modhurish Ali Barbhuiya, and a resident of LokNathpur, P.S. Dholai, Dist. Cachar, Assam, was apprehended.

The second vehicle, a truck bearing registration number NL-01-Q-3249, was also intercepted and discovered to be carrying around 200 kilograms of suspected Burmese supari. The driver of the truck, Azad Helal Ahmed (27 years old), son of the late Tera Mia, and a resident of Kaliganj P.S. – Kaliganj, Dist. Karimganj, Assam, was taken into custody.

Following the successful seizures and arrests, legal actions are now underway against the individuals involved in this illegal operation. Superintendent of Police Numal Mahatta emphasized the commitment of law enforcement agencies to combating the illegal trafficking of contraband items

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