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"India Needs More"

Blood is the fluid of Life. It is the essential fluid which has no substitute till Now. Safest blood Donors are Voluntary, non remunerated blood Donors from low risk population.
The need of Blood for our Country India is huge and continuous. We have an annual requirement of 13 million blood units and the short fall is of 3 million approximately.
The blood made available to the needy is not fully sourced through voluntary donors. In such cases , patients and their relatives get in to State of panic.
1 to 3% of healthy eligible Indians who can donate blood regularly can meet the remaining blood need of India. Your active support can ensure that the search for Blood does not start after the need is identified for the needy patient.
Statistics indicates that every 2 seconds someone needs Blood across the Globe. There are 234 million major operation in India, 63 million cancer related procedures and 10 million pregnancy related complications, which requires blood transfusion. Apart from these there are also disorders like sickle cell Anemia, Thalassemia and Haemophilia that require repeated Blood Transfusion.
You will be surprised to know that 38,000 blood donations are needed every day. While there are many individuals, organisations, institutions come forward for voluntary blood donation. But still the gap between the demand and supply of blood to bridged promptly.
Voluntary Blood Donation drives play a vital Role to meet the blood need of our Country India. The main goal is to develop a pool of low risk donors . This can be best achieved by organizing more and more blood donation camps and giving easy and convinient access to Voluntary Blood Donors.
Joining the Noble movement , provides a Chance for an individual , organisations, institutions to share in this cause of saving lives through voluntary blood donation and helps to promote the culture of benevolence and volunteerism.
Let us Pledge today to donate blood Voluntarily and motivate others to Donate and organise more and more camps to meet the blood need to stop the replacement donation.
India Needs You.
Be a proud Indian by donating blood voluntarily. Be a life saver.

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