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Inspector Sandeep Goswami is Cachar district's new head of traffic, announces SP

Sandeep Goswami is Cachar district’s new head of traffic

Just days after the horrible accident that took place in Silchar’s Meherpur area, the administration has decided to rope in a senior head to take charge of the district’s traffic department. So far, in Cachar, several inspectors were given charge of respective towns, Shantanu Das was traffic in charge of Silchar Town.

Superintendent of Police, Cachar Mugdhajyoti Dev Mahanta in an exclusive conversation with Barak Bulletin confirmed that Sandeep Goswami will be the new traffic head of the district and Shantanu Das will now assist him as will other in charges in various parts of the district. “Apart from the city traffic, we have Dholai, Banskanndi, Katigorah, Gumrah as well. Inspector Goswami will head the traffic of the entire district,” said Mahanta.

Goswami was so far involved in the Police’s border department and will assume his new role with immediate effect.

On October 30, 2019, a truck entered the town and ran ruckus. The rogue driver raced into an idol-immersion-procession near Birbal Bazar in Meherpur leaving two dead and 20 injured. This incident exposed loopholes in the administration’s traffic management system. How a truck entered the town during the no entry period was widely questioned. It looks like the administration has decided to roll heads and bring new people to tighten the system. Will Goswami’s appointment make a difference, only time will tell…

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