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Integrated diabetic clinic in Barak valley – Need of the hour

One of the most dreadful and chronic diseases diagnosed in recent times is Diabetes. Even after the advancement of medical sciences and preventive efforts, it is found in many kinds of research that the number of diabetes patients is going to increase many folds in the coming 10 years. It is high time that the population be aware of diabetes and treat it accordingly.


As diabetes is a disease that cannot be demolished from its roots; it can only be treated in a way that it is controlled. Mediland Hospital and Research Centre has come up with the first integrated Diabetic clinic in Barak Valley named as Mediland Diabetic Clinic.


It intends to educate people and manage their lifestyle with medications, customized diet charts, physical activity and ways to regularise day to day lifestyles to handle the disease properly. Thus, an integrated diabetic clinic sorts out all our diabetic problems in a single desk.

Recent research shows that India is the diabetes capital of the world with 49% of the world’s diabetic patients burden. The estimated rate of 72 million cases of Indian population including men, women, infants, and adults are reportedly diagnosed with diabetes which could be double by 2025 according to the International Diabetes Federation.

However, it is also observed that the urban population of the country is most affected as compared to any other group of society. The rapid rise in India is probably due to lifestyle changes which are again because of urbanization.

In terms of geographical location, Barak Valley is going high with cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The tragedy is one in two amongst the population is unaware of the fact that they are living with the disease. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, sleep deprivation, unhealthy foods are among the modifiable cause of diabetes. The alarming rate of diabetic patients and its complications have triggered the idea of the Integrated Diabetic Clinic which is a one-stop solution for Diabetes issues.

Also, diabetes affects all organs of the body where the major complications are diabetic eye disease, diabetes kidney disease, diabetes heart disease, foot ulcers and amputations and many others. High blood glucose also does not allow patients to recover faster as required even after medications which may be life-threatening for the patient.


Diabetes could be only reversed by early diagnosis through screening of the patient and thereby preventing the disease with medication, lifestyle changes, and regular checkups. Diabetes intervention includes diagnosis and screening of all the complications at regular intervals. Treatment of diabetes includes a customized balanced diet, physical activity and medications as and when required.

In short, Mediland Diabetic clinic offers customized diet charts, lifestyle advice, diabetes education and advanced equipment for the screening of diabetic complications. It also maintains all your prescriptions, reports and history in its Electronic Medical Record System which reminds one of their follow up consultation through text messages.

Apart from the above services, Mediland Diabetic Clinic also has a dedicated weight loss and slimming clinic for the obese and overweight population. To get a healthy and peaceful life, Mediland Integrated Diabetic Clinic is a one-stop solution.



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