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Joint Operation Leads to Arrest of Brown Sugar Peddler in Hawaithang, 418 grams seized

A joint operation conducted by the Assam Rifles Intelligence and the Dholai Police at the Hawaithang area led to the apprehension of a suspect and the seizure of a substantial quantity of suspected brown sugar. This significant breakthrough was achieved by acting on a tip-off.

The joint team of Assam Rifles and Assam Police conducted a targeted operation in the Hawaithang area today. The operation resulted in the arrest of Mira Hussain, a 26-year-old resident of Uttar Lailapur, identified as the son of Md Tajamul Ali. Upon searching the suspect, the authorities discovered 30 plastic soap cases containing substances believed to be brown sugar.

The seized items were carefully weighed, amounting to 418 grams of the suspected contraband. Following the standard protocol, of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, the items were seized, and the accused, Mira Hussain, was taken into custody.

Legal proceedings have been initiated against the accused, and further investigations are underway to determine the extent of the narcotics network. The successful operation underscores the commitment of the Assam Rifles and the Assam Police to combating drug trafficking in the region and the mission of the “War on Drugs”.

The arrest and seizure are seen as a significant step towards curbing the menace of drug trafficking in the area.

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