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Karimganj girl Priyanka Sarmacharjee is now Bangalore's Best Makeup Artist, received 'Young Entrepreneur Award' for her startup brand

25-years-old Priyanka Sarmacharjee’s makeup brand ‘P’ and ‘Feelpretty’ has generated jobs for many women all across India. Last year, she also received the Best Makeup Artist and Young Entrepreneur award in Bangalore. She has created her own product brand and already several actresses from South India have become fond of her. That Priyanka Sarmacharjee is a girl from Barak Valley, her home is in Karimganj and she did her primary education also from there. Her aim was to do an MBA, but before that, she moved to Bangalore to do B.Com. She used to practice makeup by saving up from pocket money. She used to do makeup for her friends just for the sake of a hobby. In the digital age, good work spreads easily to faraway places. And that’s what happened to her, where at one point many people started calling her for makeup and even agreed to pay for her service. Thus began her journey as a makeup artist.

She commands a lot of followers on Instagram and also has her own website. After receiving the Best Makeup Artist of Bangalore award, she slowly started launching her product brand. Her brand is now giving Rs 40 lakhs per year turnover through products and services. However, she is not earning alone, she is also showing other women the path to make a living. After working under her, 25 women are now financially prosperous.

While interacting with Barak Bulletin, Priyanka Sarmacharjee said, “I used to do makeup for the hobby but later I felt that it was possible to take this job as a profession as well. I launched my makeup brand ‘Feelpretty’ in 2018 and it got a huge response. From ordinary people to Tollywood heroines, we have done makeup for everyone. Stars like Chandana Gaura, Koushani Mukherjee, Chitra Vasudevan, Anmol Choudhury now prefer to do makeup with me. They are also using products of my brand. Our brand is slowly spreading across the country and many women are becoming financially stable after working with us. And that is my biggest achievement.”

She surprised everyone by winning the ‘Best Makeup Artist and Young Entrepreneur 2020’ award at the ACE Business Awards in Bangalore last year. Many people are doing their best in big places like Bangalore, hence winning such a prestigious award there is a big achievement. However, her MBA experience has helped a lot in her journey. After completing B.Com, she joined MBA. In addition to studying, she was also continuing her own startup makeup brand. She didn’t even have to take money from home for her MBA degree, she managed that too from her income and paid for her studies. However, in 2018, she officially announced her brand and added other women under its wings.

In this regard, Priyanka said, “Since I have done MBA, I got the opportunity to use marketing skills. If a product or service is reliably good, and if you can combine it with adequate marketing, the chances of success increase tenfold. Another thing that has worked for me is social media. In combination with these factors, we have spread the brand to not just Bangalore, but in different corners of the country as well, in two years. After ‘Feelpretty’ became one of the best brands in Bangalore for its services, we decided to launch a product brand. Our product band ‘P’ was launched on October 18 last year. This time we are moving forward as a ‘P Feelpretty’ brand. Many more women will join us in the future and they too will have the opportunity to become financially independent. ”

‘P’ and ‘Feelpretty’ brands are supported by big companies like Myntra, Flipkart, Nike. Besides, Priyanka continues to market her website through For the time being, she has moved to Karimganj as a result of the lockdown, but she is still doing other work including marketing her brand from home.

From the very beginning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been motivating the youth of the country to become entrepreneurs. Many people have made a living out of their startups, and have also created for others. The girl from Barak Valley went to Bangalore to study and opened her startup and has now become the best makeup artist there. The 25-year-old girl is providing livelihood not only for herself but also for many families as well. Of course, it is a matter of pride for the Barak Valley. But more importantly, she is inspiring many young men and women to gain confidence and start working towards their dreams. Maybe in the near future, many more will think of starting their own startup along the way and this will gain fame all over the country just like Priyanka did.

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