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Karimganj Police Busts Unofficial Shampoo Factory, Arrests Delhi Resident for Counterfeiting HUL and P&G Brands

In a significant crackdown, Karimganj Police, led by Superintendent Partha Protim Das, apprehended a Delhi resident involved in the illicit operation of an unregistered shampoo manufacturing facility. The suspect was found refilling bottles with counterfeit products mimicking renowned brands such as Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and Procter & Gamble (P&G) before distributing them to unsuspecting consumers.

According to a statement released by Karimganj Police, the operation unfolded on September 3, at approximately 8:30 PM, based on actionable intelligence regarding an individual from Delhi residing near JJ Pump in Mubarakpur. The suspect was allegedly running an underground shampoo production unit from his rented residence.

The official statement read, “Following a thorough search conducted by the Technical Support Inspector (TSI) at the suspect’s rented house, authorities discovered a total of 960 bottles filled with counterfeit hair shampoo, suspected to be inauthentic. Additionally, three drums containing liquid, packets of powder, and a substantial quantity of empty bottles from various renowned hair shampoo brands were seized.”

The arrested individual, identified as Aslam Khan (44 years old), son of the late Babu Kham, residing at 486 R Block, Mangalpuri, PS: Rajparik, Dist: Mangalpuri, State: New Delhi, was taken into custody.

Karimganj Police Superintendent, Partha Protim Das, affirmed that “Legal action will be promptly initiated against the accused.”

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