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Karimganj Police seizes 6.17 kg of Ganja from Kanishail; 2 arrested so far

In another raid against illicit drugs, the Karimganj police have successfully nabbed two persons under the possession of cannabis (ganja) from the Kanishail area of Karimganj district yesterday. The operation was led by Karimganj police, who based on secret intel raided the house of a certain Gouranga Dutta in Kanishail and after a thorough search was able to seize ganja of around 6.17 kg from that house. Both Gouranga Dutta and his wife Savitri Dutta were arrested immediately and taken to the Karimganj police custody.

Regarding this raid, Karimganj Police station OC, said, “Yesterday around 1:30 pm, based on a secret source, Karimganj Police raided a house in Kanishail and were able to recover 6.17 kg of ganja from that spot. 2 persons were arrested in this regard and the hunt for a third suspect is still on as that person succeeded in fleeing the scene before the police could apprehend him. Both the arrested individuals were taken to the Karimganj police custody, from where they’ve been handed over to the judicial custody today.”

Also, according to the Karimganj police, a case has been registered against the culprits under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), 1985 and the case number is – 895/21_20b/25/27.

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