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Karimganj Temple Arson Suspect Anwar Ali Apprehended, Injured in Police Encounter

In a startling turn of events on November 18, 2023, Md Anwar Ali, a seasoned criminal (as identified by Police), was arrested in connection with the burning of a temple in Karimganj’s Ratabari. The Superintendent of Police in Karimganj, Partha Protim Das, revealed that during interrogation, Ali confessed to setting fire to the Mandir at Damchera Tripura Punji out of personal vendetta. Additionally, he admitted to hiding a firearm in a neighbor’s house.

According to police sources, Ali was engaged in a dispute with a neighboring Muslim family, devising a plan to set the temple ablaze to provoke the family’s eviction. Acting on this information, a team from Ratabari Police Station accompanied Ali to recover the firearm from Abdul’s house in Damchera Tripura Punji.

However, during the return journey to Ratabari Police Station, a surprising incident unfolded. Ali, expressing an urgent need to attend to nature’s call, led the police to stop near Damchera Tea Garden. Exploiting the situation, Ali forcibly seized a rifle from a police officer and attempted to escape into the nearby jungle.

A high-stakes pursuit ensued as the police attempted to detain Ali. Despite repeated warnings to surrender, Ali turned the rifle towards the officers, prompting them to fire two shots at his legs to prevent further escalation. Subsequently, the police successfully regained possession of the rifle and apprehended Ali.

Ali sustained bullet injuries and was promptly transported to R K Nagar Hospital for medical treatment. The arrest and subsequent confrontation added intensity to the ongoing investigation into the temple arson case, shedding light on the challenges faced by law enforcement when dealing with individuals of a criminal background.

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