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Katigorah Circle Officer Exposes After-Hours Alcohol-Fueled Parties in Premises, Reports to DC

In a shocking revelation, Circle Officer Robert Tuolor has exposed serious irregularities and anti-social activities within the premises of the Katigorah administrative office. In a letter addressed to Deputy Commissioner Rohan Kumar Jha, Tuolor highlighted concerns over a quarter designated for the night guard, alleging its misuse for late-night parties and the presence of unauthorized individuals.

The incident unfolded on Monday night when Circle Officer Tuolor, acting on persistent rumors, conducted a surprise inspection of the quarter. To his dismay, he found the main gate of the office complex locked. Unperturbed, Tuolor entered the premises, only to discover a group of people engaging in revelry with alcohol and meat in the designated quarter.

Expressing his displeasure, Tuolor questioned whether the office premises had turned into a bar and promptly instructed the individuals to disband the party. The quarter in question was allotted to Night Guard Rajendra Singh and Jaidul Hussain, raising questions about their involvement in the unauthorized gathering.

When confronted, Singh claimed to be suffering from a high fever and insisted he was resting. Sources, however, indicate that an employee from the Sub Register’s office was also present at the gathering. The Circle Officer, perturbed by the situation, inquired about the presence of outsiders on the office premises and the utilization of rooms meant for officials.

Faced with no satisfactory answers, Singh and his companions attempted to flee the scene. In a conversation with Barak Bulletin, Circle Officer Robert Tuolor confirmed the incident, stating, “Yes, I went there yesterday and found that some objectionable incidents were happening at the office premises, and so, I have reported the same to the deputy commissioner Sir, seeking his intervention.”

The incident has sparked concerns about the security and discipline within government office premises, prompting calls for a thorough investigation and stringent action against those found guilty of violating the sanctity of the workplace. Deputy Commissioner Rohan Kumar Jha is expected to initiate a probe into the matter and take necessary actions to ensure the integrity of the administrative offices in Katigorah.

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