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"Kids dying in Karimganj has nothing to do with Corona Virus; There is no Corona in Karimganj," District Administration

Bordering district Karimganj is under stress as seven kids have died with similar symptoms in last seven days. The kids were first admitted to the government hospital after they complained of sore throat, fever, and oral bleeding. Media reports surfaced today stating that a team of Ayurvedic Specialists informed the guardians of the deceased that their kids have died due to an attack from Corona virus.

The rumour of a possible Corona attack in Karimganj caused a lot of panic among residents. The same was circulated again and again on WhatsApp and social media platforms. However, it turns out there is no truth behind it.

While it was circulated that seven kids died in the last one week with similar symptoms, the fact is something else. Additional deputy commissioner, Ruth Lienthang informed that the deaths took place between January till now and not overnight. She clarified, “The staff from the district health department visited the village in the outskirts of Karimganj and found out that most of the kids there are suffering from cough. There is a possibility that Diptheria claimed the lives but we are still not sure. We have sent the samples for testing and once we get the report we will be able to say something concrete.”

She added, “These people, they skip vaccination every now and then and they live in the hilly area which is surrounded by water. They belong to the fishermen community and do not come out of their hills much. The officials from the health department are charting out a plan to deal with the scenario.”

When asked if the district administration is in a position to rule out any possibility that Corona virus claimed those lives, she replied, “Ofcourse!”  “The kids dying in Karimganj has nothing to do Corona Virus; there is no Corona in Karimganj,” said Ruth Lienthang, additional deputy commissioner, of the district.

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