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'Kissa Kursi Kaa': Names of members sent, Voter list is final, Countdown to Silchar DSA's BGM begins

Silchar District Sports Association’s much awaited high profile BGM has created sensation in the sports fraternity. It’s heat has spread across the state beyond Barak Valley. All eyes are now on the BGM to be held on June 25. Who will be the new secretary? Bijendra Prasad Singh or Subimal Dhar? Will Bijendra really step aside? Or will Atanu Bhattacharjee turn the tide in his favour from the middle? Who will become the President? Can Babul Hore overcome all challenges to hold the chair of the President? Or as it is heard, will Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty become the new President? There is no end to such discussions among the sports fraternity in Silchar.

In the evening, meetings are held in every club of Silchar. Everyone is busy making gameplans to make their candidates win. Each club has already sent the names of their members to the Silchar District Sports Association. A list of 10 life members has also been prepared through voting. Only these 10 life members will vote in the upcoming BGM. The official announcement of the clubs who have sent their names as General Council members will be done on June 14. The next day DSA will send official letter to every club and educational institution about BGM as per rules. This time the total number of voters of Silchar DSA is 227. Actually the total number of voters was 228. However, it stands at ten due to one reduction from the life member’s vote. As a result, the total number of voters has reached 227. Assam Olympic Organisation is also sending observer for BGM of Silchar District Sports Association.

Meanwhile, what happened with the names being sent from the clubs to the General Council for BGM is a shame for the local sports fraternity. Several clubs have been accused of selling membership for money. There’s no end to discussions about 28 No. Palli Club No. located at Tarapur Karimganj Road. This club is in the centre of controversy in Silchar. Residents of Karimganj Road wanted to send Ranji star Pritam Das to DSA but the name of ‘outsider’ Ajay Roy was sent from 28 No. Palli. Residents of Karimganj Road have also given a letter to DSA, strongly protesting this. Their complaint was that Ajay Roy’s name was sent in exchange of money.

However the name of Pritam Das was later sent from Silchar Byayam Bidyaloy. The names of Silchar MP Dr. Rajdeep Roy and Udharbond MLA Mihir Kanti Shome have also been sent from Byayam Bidyaloy. The name of Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty has been sent from Tarapur Shyamacharan Dev Vidyapith.

Not only 28 No. Palli Club, complaints of selling membership for money have also come from New Silchar SS Club. Remarkably the name of former secretary of DSA Subimal Dhar has also been sent from SS club. It is heard that the Secretary candidate of the ruling party is Subimal Dhar. His name was suggested last to DSA which has turned the whole ‘game’.

On the other hand, the ruling party always has a hold on educational institutions. This time also the same picture is seen. According to sources, the educational institutions have sent names to Silchar DSA on the influence of the ruling party.

Although on paper it is the BGM of Silchar District Sports Association, the political fight is also in full swing. On one hand, BJP is supporting the Secretary candidate Subimal Dhar. On the other hand, the opposition is supporting President Babul Hore and Secretary candidate Atanu Bhattacharjee. The maths is quite complicated. The history of DSA says that the ending is always dramatic here. The climax is full of thrills. But this time the story is going in that direction!!

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