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Locals supported by Hindu organisations perform Puja at Mahadevtilla, plant new banyan tree sapling

Local Manipuri Hindus, with active support from Hindu organisations have installed the Shivling in the Mahadevtilla, where the Khasi miscreants allegedly desecrated the site intentionally to hurt the Hindu sentiments on 17 November.

Members of Hindu Chatra Sangha, Hindu Rakshi Dal and RSS were present in the site to co-operate with the local Manipuri Hindus and the Mahadevtilla Seva Samiti.

On 29 November, around 100+ people climbed up to the Mahadevtilla and performed the puja there. The Shivling was reinstalled and a new Banyan tree sapling was planted at the site, where the previous one, which the locals claim was at least 250 years old was cut down again allegedly by the Khasi miscreants.

It is worth mentioning that the local Manipuri Hindus have been worshipping here for more than 100 years now. The locals believe that the tree used to act as a medium of spiritual communication for the local Hindus with their ancestors, who have all been worshipping below this single tree for generations now. However, the Khasi miscreants desecrated the site, allegedly threw away the Shivling and Trishul and cut the Banyan tree down on 17 November which caused a great deal of resentment among the locals. Though the worshipping rights have been reclaimed, the local Hindus are still demanding apprehension and strong legal punishment against the miscreants who created the ruckus in the first place.

A case was registered at the local police station and the forest department also started its probe into the matter. The Police is yet to arrest anyone and the SP Cachar Ramandeep Kaur had mentioned that the investigation is going on.

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