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Lok Sabha Results 2024: BJP Sweeps Barak Valley, Parimal In Silchar, Kripanath Mallah in Karimganj

Final Update

Silchar Lok Sabha Constituency’s result has been officially declared by the Election Commission of India. After the whole day of counting, the final results were officially declared after 10 PM today.

BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya who was leading from the initial round of the counting has won with a landslide 6,52,405 votes. Suklabaidya has won with a whopping margin of 2,64,311 votes after defeating Congress candidate Surya Kanta Sarkar. Sarkar has secured 35.62% votes (3,88,094). Trinamool’s Radheshyam Bisawas could only manage 1.88% of Silchar’s votes which is slightly above NOTA (1.17%).

While Silchar was predictable, what contradicts many predictions is the victor of Kripanath Mallah. BJP’s Kripanath Mallah won with 5,45,093 votes, defeating Congress’s Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury by a margin of 18,360 votes, while AIUDF’s Sahabul Islam Choudhury received 29,205 votes.

3PM Update:

In Karimganj, INC’s Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury leads again by a margin of 8,988 votes. Currently, BJP’s Kripanath Mallah has secured 1,94,745 votes. AIUDF’s performance remains devastating. The party as of now has managed just 8,825 votes in Karimganj.

In Silchar, the trend remains the same, BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya is leading with a very high margin of 1,82,549 votes. The candidate has 4,03,505 votes. INC’s Surya Kanta Sarkar is trailing with 2,21,046 votes and Trinamool’s Radheshyam Biswas currently has 10,861 votes only.

1:30 PM Update

Roller coaster ride in Karimganj as Indian National Congress Candidate, Hafiz Rashid Choudhury regains lead against BJP’s Kripanath Mallah. As per the latest number, Choudhury with 1,02,715 votes in his favour is ahead by 1,302 votes. Mallah has 1,01,413 votes in his favour.

Parimal Suklabaidya on the other hand is set to win with a record margin in Silchar and become an MP.

12:30 PM Update

In Karimganj, BJP’s incumbent MP, Kripanath Mallah leads with 76,187 votes. He has 47.44% votes. Mallah is leading by 1,245 votes. Till five rounds, INC’s Hafiz Rashid was leading. Currently, he has 74,942 votes in his favour.

Meanwhile Parimal Suklabaidya with 2,14,335 votes is almost close to winning the elections.

10:45 AM Update: BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya extends his lead in Silchar with 59,876 votes against Congress’ Surya Kanta Sarkar 28,114

10:30 AM Update

Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury of Indian National Congress is leading with 19,465 votes against BJP’s 8,946. He is contesting against the incumbent MP, Kripanath Mallah

10:00 AM Update: After the first round of counting, BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya with 43,329 votes against Congress’ Suryakanta Sarkar,19,263.

9:45 AM: Congress leading in Silchar with 5805 votes against BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya
BJP- 4133
AITMC- 121
After first round

8:45 AM Update: Congress ahead in Hailakandi 

1st round LA 121 Hailakandi
BJP 4031
CON 5554

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