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LP School in Sonai intends to generate vaccination awareness with eye-catching graffiti on the road

The faculties and management committee of Dakshin Mohanpur LP School, Sonai have taken innovative steps to raise mass awareness to get vaccinated with COVID Vaccines. Teachers and school management committee took the vaccine awareness drive to the street and engaged local artists to make eye-catching graffiti on the road in front of 1017 No. Dakshin Mohanpur LP School in Kachudaram, Sonai.

The message in the graffiti read, ‘Do your part, get vaccinated.’ The school’s headteacher Lucky Begum Laskar, Assistant teacher Liton Kumar Das, Cluster Resource Centre Committee SM Firoj Laskar, and School Management Committee president Latibur Rahman Laskar together coordinated and came forward with this innovative idea of awareness drive. Local artist Altaf Hussain Laskar made the graffiti.

“We are trying to make people aware about the COVID vaccine; that’s why we made this graffiti. DC Cachar has personally appreciated our initiative,” CRCC’s Firoj Laskar informed Barak Bulletin.

India is currently running one of the most extensive vaccination drives against COVID disease caused by novel Coronavirus. Still, the process is fraught with many obstacles as many conspiracy theories, fake news, and superstitions floating among the masses on efficacy and adverse aftereffects of the available COVID vaccines, resulting in vaccine hesitancy among some. Mass awareness campaigns are beneficial for making people believe in their capacities and potentials and motivating and inspiring them to get the vaccines.



As per the latest update from the Ministry of Health and Family welfare data, India has vaccinated over 95 crore people so far. Almost 26 crores have taken two doses of vaccines.

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