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Many residents obey law and immerse idols during the day, few chose to ignore the 6 PM deadline

Last week the district administration issued a notice announcing that no immersion of idols (except Durga and Kali) will be allowed in Bishorjan Ghat in Sadarghat. Today, it was the litmus test for the administration and the order issued. Maa Manasha Puja was celebrated in many households and community halls in the last couple of days, and today was one of the immersion days.
Well, a significant number of people did obey the new rules set by the administration and went on with the immersion before dusk. Few thought they are above the law and marched with a procession towards the Bisharjan Ghat after 6:00 PM only to find that the gate was shut and guarded by huge number of security personnel. As trucks assembled in front of the gate one after another, pressure mounted on the administration. Many went to DC office in order to seek special permission, while some decided to return back home and conduct the immersion tomorrow during the day.

The DC spoke to people who gathered in front of his office and after a discussion allowed them to go ahead with the immersion. A source close to the development tells us that the DC only allowed the immersion keeping law and order in mind. The source also told us that the groups, who requested a special permission assured that this is the last time, and in future, they will immerse idols during the day.
After the special permission, the gate of Bisharjan ghat was opened for the people waiting with idols in Sadarghat and the immersion went on. Last time during immersion of Maa Manasha idols, citizens who faced immense issues took on to social media and bashed administration. Today, it proves that if the citizens want to create a ruckus by ignoring administrative orders, no administration, no orders can ensure smooth functioning of a society.

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