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Massive Fire Engulfs Warehouse at Hospital Road, Silchar: Flames Continue to Rise Despite Firefighters' Efforts

A raging inferno has consumed a warehouse in Hospital Road, Silchar, with multiple fire engines and brave firefighters battling the blaze that shows no signs of relenting. The fire, which erupted around midnight, originated at the warehouse of the renowned cycle store, GK Patoa.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that the fire began within the warehouse premises, housing inflammable materials such as adhesives and tyres, potentially fueling the intensifying flames. Concerns about the fire’s rapid spread have gripped locals, attributing its propagation to the warehouse’s volatile contents.

Amidst the chaos, nearby residents have taken precautionary measures, evacuating LPG cylinders from their homes to prevent the further escalation of the blaze. However, fears persist that the fire has extended beyond the initial structure, leading to apprehension among the community.

Efforts by fire and emergency services are ongoing, aiming to contain the inferno and prevent its spread. While a preliminary report is awaited, the situation remains critical, highlighting the challenging task faced by responders in curbing the devastating blaze. Further updates on the incident are anticipated as authorities work tirelessly to bring the situation under control.

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