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Meet Barnali Tiwari from Silchar, one of the finalists of Miss and Mrs. Globe India, 2019

A daughter, a wife, a mother, and many more – she plays every role perfectly. Right from morning to night, she remains tied up with umpteen tasks for her family, but despite that she always devotes some quality time for her passion, her goal, her dream – the dream of “making it big” in life!

She is Barnali Tiwari from Silchar, who has been selected as one of the finalists (Mrs. Category) in a pageant contest Miss and Mrs. Globe India, 2019. The event’s grand finale will be held in New Delhi on June 29. The winner will get a chance to represent India at an international platform.

An ardent fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Barnali developed interest in modelling after she won the first runner-up title of a pageant contest “Mrs. Ethnic, 2016” organised by Human Welfare Organisation in Silchar. She has also won the first runner-up title of “Queen of Northeast, 2018” organised by Byatikram MASDO in Guwahati. Barnali, who runs a dance-school-cum-aerobics-centre, completed her schooling from Oriental High School and graduation from Sikkim Manipal University, Silchar. In an interaction with Barak Bulletin, Barnali shared some of the experiences related to the pageant contest and other aspects. Here’re the excerpts:

BB – How did you think to participate in Miss and Mrs. Globe India, 2019? Tell us about your journey being a part of the contest so far.

Barnali Tiwari – Well, winning the first runner-up title of Queen of Northeast, 2018 was a “stepping stone” in my life as far as modelling is concerned. It boosted my confidence immensely and developed my persona as a whole. Besides, I have been associated with the field in different ways – like I am a choreographer and a modelling grooming mentor. I also have a YouTube channel titled “barnalizvlogz” which features videos related to beauty, lifestyle and such others. When I came to know about Miss and Mrs. Globe India, 2019, a national level pageant contest going to be held in New Delhi, I decided to give it a shot. I feel very proud to represent my city in the prestigious event.

BB – How do you feel being among the finalists in the contest? What are your preparations and expectations regarding the finale?

Barnali Tiwari – Being one of the finalists of this national pageant, I feel very lucky and it is a great privilege to represent my city in such a platform. I’m happy, super-excited, and nervous at the same time. As a mother of two kids and working 24*7 for family, sometimes it really becomes a tough job to focus on the preparations. But, I am trying to balance things properly as much as I can do. I am looking forward for my new experience which I will cherish forever. About my expectations, I will try and give my best shot. May the best person win. One thing I am sure of that I am going to learn a lot and gain a lot of confidence from the contest’s overall experience.


BB – Modelling has apparently still not found the kind of acceptance from people in Silchar compared to bigger cities. What should be done to improve the scenario in Silchar?

Barnali Tiwari – I truly believe that though Silchar is a small town, but it is loaded with talents from various fields. Being a model, I can say that Silchar, now-a-days, is no less than any other big cities in terms of modelling. We have so many young talented boys and girls, even married women and mothers, who are doing extremely well in their fields. One thing I would like to add that if we want to help Silchar grow and help make its name worldwide, we need to shrug off our orthodox mindsets and guide and support our youths in the right way.

As you have asked me this question, I would like to say something which might be bitter for some people but truth is truth and I never fear to speak up on what I feel is right. In Silchar, or rather in the Northeast, the concept/scenario of beauty pageant has apparently become a joke. Pageant shows are being conducted in Silchar quite often without proper knowledge and most of the times in an unprofessional manner. This needs to be changed.

BB – Wearing revealing/provocative clothes and the increasing trend of debauched lifestyle among girls are the main reason behind rapes – Do you agree to this statement?

Barnali Tiwari – Absolutely not! If wearing revealing/provocative clothes was the reason behind rapes, we would have never heard about kids and infants getting raped. I feel so pathetic to even talk about it. When I hear any news about rapes, I feel extremely ashamed of being a human. There are devils in the guise of humans in the society who commit such heinous acts. About lifestyle, this is 21st century where we speak about gender equality and many other things. Girls also have the right to enjoy their life keeping their morals and principles awake.

BB – If you are given a choice to live your life all over again, which part of your life you would like to change and why?

Barnali Tiwari – If I ever have a choice to change a part of my life, I would definitely change a part of my childhood when I lost my father (when I was just four years old). Since then, I have grown up facing many challenges. I have experienced how much tough it can be for a woman with three kids to manage everything single-handedly. I am proud of my mother, whose endless support has been my strength in each and every walk of life and helped me reach where I am today. She is my biggest inspiration. I learnt from her how much importance it is to be calm, compassionate and courageous to live a healthy life.

BB – What are your future plans? Where do you like to see yourself in the next couple of years?

Barnali Tiwari – For me learning and exploring is a never-ending process in life. And I believe, there are many more things for me yet to be learnt and explored. Of course, I also have some future plans. I wish to see myself as a celebrity and doing something good for the society. In the next couple of years, I would like to be a known face worldwide.


Celebrity you want to go on a date with – Akshay Kumar

Favourite holiday destination – Maldives

Hobbies – Dancing, acting, travelling, making videos for my YouTube channel

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