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Meet life coach Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, who wants to make the world a happier place

“Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us,” said one of the all-time best motivational speakers and author Robin S. Sharma. He is known for helping people find a simple yet profound way of life. A Silchar boy also wants to do something similar… be the reason for others’ happiness.

Everybody in this world wants to prosper in life and be happy but there are not many who can help one living a happy life. A Silchar boy spotted this need gap and started educating himself, gathered knowledge, did courses from top universities and today he is a life coach helping people find direction in their life. Here is the story of Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, a certified life coach, motivational speaker founder of ‘Life Direction’ and a dreamer who also does…

Edited Excerpts:

What motivated you to start this journey? Where did you get the idea?

First and foremost, I wanted to give proper direction to others and make them happy and successful. In the last few years, I have observed many people, who come to me with a hope to find solutions to their problems. Interestingly, I have realised that the maximum of them are victims of the rat race. That’s when I decided to gain some extra knowledge in this field. I completed my course on Life Coaching from IAMP, UK and started reading books. Now, I have a proper framework, which is very helpful for all.

How was the initial reaction both from people close to you and the ones you were targeting Life Direction for?

People close to me encouraged me a lot and few also gave me ideas on how to add more values in this journey. I am also thankful for the digital medium. We got more than 10,000 followers in three months only. Also, our website ( is visited by different countries. I think that just adds more to the positive vibes. It feels good to be able to reach out to different corners of the world. I also have clients approach me from Barak Valley, Ajmer, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata. And their feedbacks have only motivated me further.

How did you zero upon the name ‘Life Direction’ and who were the first few you discussed this idea with?

I believe every name should carry a clear message. So the name ‘Life Direction’ itself is a message that it is for people who need a proper direction in their lives.

As far as discussing the idea, I did speak to a few professionals in the field before embarking on the journey.

How has your professional journey been so far, what did you do after leaving school?

After leaving school I completed my Graduation in Economics Hons. And then I did an MBA in Marketing & HR and a diploma in life coaching. I have a decade long experience working in a corporate firm. Everything I did, in return, boosted my confidence and added more value to my life.

What are your goals with Life Direction, what is it that you are chasing?

I want to create a legacy as a world-renowned motivational speaker, life coach and entrepreneur. I want to be the reason for people’s happiness.

What gives you ultimate satisfaction?

A smile on people’s face and the opportunity to give back to society. Weekly I am publishing motivational video on my Youtube channel. If anyone wants any topic to be covered in our youtube channel can mention it in the comment section…

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