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Here is how Udharbond's Bedopragya mesmerised CM Sonowal with her singing

In the near future, Bedopragya Bhattacharjee of Udharbond will become an epitome of Barak-Brahmaputra convergence. But who is this Bedopragya Bhattacharjee?

Eleventh-grade student Bedopragya is the only daughter of Bijan Bhattacharjee and teacher Kusturi Bhattacharya, residents of Udharbond Six Mile. After Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal’s visit to Silchar this time, adolescent Bedopragya has become quite a sensation now. A very talented vocalist, the Chief Minister got so fascinated by Bedopragya’s songs that he has invited her to a cultural event to be held in Brahmaputra Valley in advance.

It was in October 2018 when the Chief Minister arrived at Barak. On his way to Silchar, he attended a function at Udharbond. On that occasion, Bedopragya performed the song “Bande Mataram”. She was an eighth-grade student then. The Chief Minister was impressed by the extraordinary performance of the girl. He immediately reached out to Bedopragya and offered her a Fulen Gamucha and a bouquet of flowers. Her performance got fame overnight.

This time the Chief Minister inaugurated Udharbond Police Station last Sunday. Bedopragya also performed at the inauguration ceremony. The Chief Minister saw her performing to the tune of the music in awe. The spellbound eyes of the Chief Minister didn’t escape the notice of OSD Shekhar Dey who went to him and asked if he recognized the girl. He recalled the chain of events that happened back in October 2018. The Chief Minister then summoned Bedopragya and greeted her. On the same night, the Chief Minister told OSD Shakhar Dey that Bedoprajna should come to the circuit house and meet him.

The next morning at ten-thirty Bedopraya met the Chief Minister with her father. Silchar MLA Dilip Kumar Paul and Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli were present along with them. The Chief Minister asked Bedopragya to perform at various cultural events in the Brahmaputra Valley and wanted her to act as a bridge between Barak and Brahmaputra through her music. He asked Keerthi Jalli to take care of her for realising this dream without any difficulty.

OSD Shekhar Dey told that Bedopragya will be performing at one of the events in the Brahmaputra Valley soon as the talks are going on. He hopes that Bedopragya will become the symbol of unity like Hemanga Biswas and Bhupen Hazarika in the past bridging the gap between two valleys.

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