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Minor boy sexually abused by retired teacher in Hailakandi, Accused absconding

A heinous crime perpetrated by a retired teacher has sent shockwaves across Hailakandi district. As per reports, Sheikh Moin Uddin, a retired teacher, sexually abused a minor boy who used to come to his house at Nitai Nagar for tuition classes. The incident came to light when the minor boy, who was subjected to the sexual assault, recorded the incident by furtively placing a mobile camera in the room with his presence of mind.

The victim’s father later lodged an FIR at Hailakandi Sadar Police Station, shedding light on the disturbing events that had unfolded. While speaking to reporters he stated that the retired teacher had been acting oddly towards his child for the past 15-20 days, prompting the boy to confide in his mother about the unsettling experiences. However, his mother became skeptical of his son’s revelations.

In an attempt to prove the credibility of his claims, the boy borrowed his mother’s phone. On September 14, as the class was over, all students went to their respective homes while the boy was made to stay by the teacher. He locked the room and sexually assaulted the boy who recorded the incident on his mother’s mobile providing crucial evidence in the case.

As of now, the accused teacher, Sheikh Moin Uddin, remains absconding evading law enforcement authorities. The Asom Jatiyatabadi Yuba Chatra Parishad (AJYCP) has vehemently condemned the ghastly crime, denouncing it as a blot on humanity. They have called upon the Police to apprehend the “scroundel” swiftly and demanded his arrest within 24 hours.

In accordance with the legal provisions of the POCSO Act, the identity of the minor victim is being withheld to protect his privacy and well-being. We urge our viewers and the public to respect this confidentiality and not reveal his name as victims of sexual assault often endure profound trauma.

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