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NIT Silchar in Chaos: Students hold Dean BK Roy and family hostage, Police resort to lathi charge

Tensions reached a boiling point at the National Institute of Technology, Silchar, as students held Dean Academics, Dr. Binoy Krishna Roy, and his family hostage following the tragic suicide of a 3rd-year student on September 15. The incident, which initially sparked a massive campus protest, took an alarming turn as protesters resorted to violence, prompting police intervention.

The deceased student, a resident of Hostel 7, reportedly took his own life after allegedly being denied registration for the ongoing semester due to a backlog of courses. His untimely death sent shockwaves through the campus, leading to a spontaneous uprising among students.

“We have been strictly warned not to let anything out in the media, that’s why I don’t want to reveal my identity,” stated an anonymous student, shedding light on the secrecy surrounding the situation. “Regarding the suicide case, Dean Academic BK Roy is single-handedly responsible for this. There are others as well. The current administration is very awful and trying to hide everything from the media. The boy went to the admin building requesting them to give him a chance to sit in the exam as he had backlogs. They tore apart his application, and then he went to the hostel room and committed suicide.”

The protest escalated when some students vandalized Dr. BK Roy’s residence, damaged his vehicles, and according to Police sources, attempted to set his house on fire using an LPG cylinder.

Cachar’s Deputy Commissioner, Rohan Kumar Jha, and Superintendent of Police, Numal Mahatta, rushed to the scene in an effort to engage in dialogue with the students. Despite their attempts, the students remained unyielding, intensifying the crisis. Dr. Roy’s daughter reportedly suffered severe emotional distress, further escalating the tension.

The law enforcement authorities displayed remarkable restraint throughout the ordeal. In a show of goodwill, both the Deputy Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police were seen distributing water to the protesting students. However, the situation took a violent turn around 11:30 pm when a student hurled a water bottle at the SP, striking him in the face. In response, the administration had no choice but to resort to a lathi charge to regain control of the situation.

The lathi charge led to the dispersal of the protesting students, albeit with injuries sustained during the police intervention. These injured students have been promptly transported to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital for first aid. Additionally, some students damaged passing cars, including a private vehicle owned by a journalist.

As the situation unfolded, the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar and the Superintendent of Police joined the NIT Silchar administration for a meeting. According to sources, the institute is likely to be declared closed until further notice to restore calm and address the underlying issues.

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