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NIT students sit for indefinite hunger strike at the campus demanding removal of Dean Academic


In a fervent display of protest, over 2,000 students at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar initiated an indefinite hunger strike today at the Gymkhana park within the institute’s campus. Their primary demand is the immediate removal of Dean Academic Dr. BK Roy, whom they firmly believe played a role in instigating mental anguish leading to a 3rd-year student’s tragic suicide. The protestors also accused the NIT Director of callously referring to the suicide as a “small incident” during a media interaction.

Their list of other demands include :

1) Filing of FIR by the NIT authorities regarding the suicide case to ensure an impartial investigation into the matter

2) A formal apology from NIT authorities for their insensitive remarks regarding the deceased student

3) All necessary support, whether financial or legal, to the grieving family of the deceased student by the NIT authorities

4) A guarantee that no academic or administrative actions will be taken against students participating in peaceful demonstrations

Speaking to the press, one of the protestors lamented the treatment meted out to the deceased student. He explained that the students are afforded the opportunity to clear academic backlogs by registering for summer semesters.

However, in this case, the 3rd-year student was denied the chance, resulting in his forced enrollment in regular semesters. Just a month after registering for the 3rd year, authorities informed him that his registration was cancelled, compelling him to start afresh from the first semester. His plea to the Dean Academic was reportedly dismissed without consideration and his application was insensitively ripped apart.

It maybe mentioned that a four-hour-long meeting transpired yesterday between NIT authorities and the Gymkhana Students’ Union Body regarding the student’s suicide. While some of the Union’s demands found acceptance from the authorities, a consensus remained elusive concerning the expulsion of Dean Academic. Consequently, members of the Gymkhana Students’ Union Body collectively tendered their resignations to the authorities and declared a subsequent hunger strike until their demands are fully met.

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