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"No means no!" Cachar Police files suo moto case against man who raped minor girlfriend, allowed friends to molest her

Cachar Police leapfrogs into action ensuring justice is available for those who are marginalised. A minor girl from Silchar had gone to a park with her friends and it got late. She is an orphan living with her uncle and a delayed entry to the house could get her a few whacks. Scared of the situation, she called her boyfriend and requested for shelter.

According to the girl, the boyfriend was accompanied by two of his friends and they met in front of Silchar Civil Hospital. There they started touching her inappropriately and there was a debate as to who should take her home. From there, she was promised by one of the three – a safe abode for the night with family. The minor girl went all the way to Silcoorie and there she wasn’t feeling comfortable as she was being molested by the alleged friend of her boyfriend.

She then dialed her boyfriend who went to pick her up from Silcoorie. The boyfriend, according to the victim, took her to an isolated house on Sonai Road in Silchar and raped her. Though he happened to be her boyfriend, on the night of Monday, according to her, she said no to all possible physical approaches made. Yet, she says, the boyfriend forced himself and left her alone after raping her. 

After the boy did not return, she left the isolated house in Sonai Road and tried to establish contact with her friends who went to the park with her. Police on Patrolling duty saw the minor walking around in the middle of the night. The officials rescued her and then took her to the Shelter Home in Silchar.

On Tuesday, Police officials of Rangirkhari Police Station identified the three individuals involved in the molestation and rape and then detained them. The family members of the kid who does not have parents, settled the case out of the court. But that is when Cachar SP, Numal Mahatta intervened.

SP urged the Police to register a suo moto case and take action. Speaking with Barak Bulletin, Mahatta said, “No mercy for the culprits. We will present the accused before the hounarable judge and plead for custodial interrogation. I want to ensure that the Police will take action as per law and the case will be charge-sheeted soon. Stringent actions will follow.”

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