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"No social distancing in police recruitment tests," locals; SP says "Think about larger interest"

Assam Police’s recruitment process is going on throughout the state. Thousands of applications participate in the physical activities which attract a lot of spectators. The test, which is more like a spectacle has irked the locals living near Police Parade Ground. Due to the rainfall, the running and physical exercise took place on the main road.

“There is no social distancing in police recruitment tests. Applicants come from all over the district and then they loiter around. There are hundreds of spectators too, standing on the shoulder of each other. All of this in the middle of the town makes the entire locality vulnerable,” said the proprietor of a shop.

He added, “People avoid traveling on this road which directly impacts our income. Then if someone stops by, the police officials misbehave with them. They do not spare us either. Because of the lockdown, we have already lost a lot of money, now this recruitment drive is posing threat to us. How will we small enterprise owners survive.”

Today more than 500 applicants took the test. This will continue for a long period of time. The road next to Police Parade ground has been converted a “one way” diverting vehicular traffic to avoid congestion. “We had even submitted a memorandum to the Superindent of Police who listened to us behaved very nicely. But the local police officials misbehave with us. When we have so many spots in the interior, why is all this done in the middle of the town. There is such a big compound in National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP), they can do this there,” said another local shop owner.

Running for job

Superintendent of Police, Bhanwar Lal Meena said the grievances of locals were heard and resolved. “Initially we had imposed stringent restrictions and sealed the area, but the local shop owners said their businesses are getting affected and we must consider allowing public movement, so we did it,” said Meena.

He made it clear that the recruitment drive needs to continue in and around the Police Parade Ground and there is no two way. “It is happening all throughout the state. If there are serious problems then the locals can give it in written and we will stop the recruitment drive. It is important to think of the larger interest of people. Thousands of local youths will get jobs, their families will get empowered, it is important to understand the larger good,” asserted Meena.

About the gathering, SP said, much of it is beyond their control. “Today there were more than 500 applicants. If two people accompany each applicant, we are looking at a gathering of 1500 people. There is very little that we can do. We will try our best to ensure that the norms are followed,” Meena added.

Spectators watching candidates undergoing the test

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