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Only child of his parents, National Highway Road's Bishal Endaw's dead body found in Sindura Picnic Spot

Most of the youth are enjoying the picnic season. Some of them are going out with their friends while some with their family members. The Corona-scare has induced some fear of lockdown among the enthusiasts and so, they are rushing. Sindura in Kalain is one of the hot spots for the Picnic enthusiasts. The flowing lake and the stones make it a perfect spot with some adventures. But it does not take much time for adventures to turn into deadly encounters.

Only child of his parents, National Highway Road resident 25-year-old Bishal Endaw had gone to the Sindura 12 Picnic spot on Sunday. According to his friends, after cooking, he went for a bath and they could not find him. A missing diary was registered at the Kalain Police Station and eventually SDRF and NDRF were informed.

The Disaster Response Forces launched a search and rescue operation. Eventually, today evening, the Forces found Bishal Endaw’s dead body stuck with a stone against the flow of the water. It is all over for the 25-year-old.

There is a sense of mourning in the Kalain area while back at his home, it is a disastrous situation.

The locals have warned time and again, while it is great fun for groups to enjoy a day outdoor with friends and family, a moment of callousness can kill all the fun. As it just happened for Bishal Endaw.

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