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Open mic is back in Silchar; Verse-pe-verse’s Karwaan to kick off in Gandhi Bhawan tomorrow at 4

On October 21, 2018, a social media based group, Voices Of Inner Minds (VOIM) had organised an open mic in Silchar. It was the first time the city got exposed to this new form of entertainment. The Gandhi Bhawan community hall in Silchar was jam-packed and more than 35 participants went up the stage, marking a great beginning to the open mic culture. For those who missed out last time and for the ones who had a blast, here comes some great news.

Emerging digital sensation, young and energetic Hrijoy Kanungo popularly known as Shamol Da and rapper R D Roy assembled a group of like-minded youngsters to form Verse-pe-verse which is set to host another open mic in Silchar. Titled Karwaan, the one evening show will kick off at 4:00 PM tomorrow (November 13, 2018). Hrijoy Kanungo, who was a performer last time is expecting a bigger turn out, “I have heard many people are already talking about it. I am expecting a packed hall,” says Kanungo.

The event is a hot seller when it comes to performers as well as the organisers are flurried with registration inquiries. Any individual or band interested in exhibiting stand up comedy, recitation, music or storytelling can register by a paying Rs 100, “Every performer (individual or group) will get 7 to 10 minutes each to showcase their talent and entertain the audience present in the hall. We have already got about 20 registrations and now we will start filtering as we have set an 8 o’clock deadline for us to conclude the event,” adds Kanungo.

This event can turn out to be a litmus test for the open mic culture which has garnered a lot of popularity in developed metros in India. If Karwaan manages to attract audience and performers, many more such events will follow, but if it fails, the culture might fade to oblivion.

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