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Paper Mill's security guard fires at alleged thieves, one dead

Shocking news coming in from Hindustan Paper Corporation Mill, Panchgram. At around 3:45 PM yesterday, the private security guards deployed at the Paper Mill fired at a group of miscreants leaving one dead.

According to SP, Hailakandi, PK Nath, a group of miscreants was spotted by the local private security guards. “The miscreants according to the security guards, were running away from the campus with stolen goods. When the security officials tried to stop them, the miscreants attacked with deadly weapons. That is when the security guards fired,” said the SP.

Nath added that the security officials had actually aimed at the leg of the attacking miscreants but one of them sat down and hence got struck. The miscreant was rushed to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital and he was declared brought dead by the doctors. If reports are to be believed then the deceased is identified as Munir Uddin.

Nath also informed that the Police officials rushed to the spot and seized a Hacksaw, knife, and sword. “Our assessment is that there were about 5 – 6 miscreants in the group. While one got hit rest managed to escape,” he said.

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