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Person claiming to be close aide of a political leader arrested for illegal possession of foreign liquor in Hailakandi

The Excise Department conducted a raid at Ainakhal located in Hailakandi district on Friday morning. During the raid, 45 cartons of foreign liquor were recovered from a warehouse named Anjali Rice Mill. In subsequent investigation it was found that the foreign liquor belonged to SN Wine Shop. The Excise Department later seized the liquor and took it to their office in Hailakandi. They also took Dilip Bhowmik, owner of SN Wine Shop, to their office for questioning. Dilip Bhowmik is also the Secretary of Hailakandi District Handicrafts and Weaving Cooperative Society Limited. Dilip and his brother also have two foreign liquor shops in the district in their name. He also claimed himself to be very close to Minister Parimal Suklabaidya politically.

Dilip Bhowmik was also accused of smuggling foreign liquor to Mizoram. The excise department finally raided an illegal warehouse of Dilip. The court ordered Dilip Bhowmik to remain in judicial custody for one week as he produced before the court after questioning.

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