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Police detains protesters demonstrating against CAA, NRC, NPR

Police on Thursday foiled a protest against recently enacted CAA, which was called by different local organizations like Forum for Social Harmony, Chorus etc. Hundreds of policemen were pre-placed in the venue to douse the anti CAA protest.

It was pre-announced on behalf of the organizers to get accumulate near the Khudiram Bose statue at 3 PM, on response to which, police pre-reached the venue and occupied the space by parking a bus there. A huge police force was also deployed, which created a sense of panic among the passersby.

As the time clocked to three, protestors started accumulating near the statue holding play cards. They first clarified their position, saying that their program was in protest against the New Citizenship Act (CAA), the NRC and the National Population Register (NPR). Pradeep Nath started the speech first followed by others.

Protestors were heard to say “We have come here only as Indian citizens. As a citizen, we have the right to speak and protest, if the government makes a wrong decision. Nowadays, some say that those who oppose such laws are speaking for the Muslims. However, we don’t think the BJP is doing anything to protect the Hindus. Country’s 80% population is Hindu and they are not excluded in facing the sufferings due to protest against BJP’s wrongdoings and policies. So we rather say that BJP is not a bit serious in protecting the rights of Hindus.”

However within 3-5 minutes of the protest, Deepika Thakuria, on behalf of district administration, came to urge the protestors to withdraw it as CrPC 144 is in force on the district. The protesters did not listen to her and continued to speak, on which police started pulling them into the bus and took to Sadar Police station. They were kept detained for about three hours and were later released.

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