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Protest in Assam University continues; "Arrest 3 and arrest now" is their demand

An alleged attack on two Assam University students yesterday evening near Silchar Medical College and Hospital has irked the students’ union. Yesterday, the general secretary of Assam University Students Union said that if the culprits are not nabbed within 24 hours, then they will launch a massive protest.

Shedding light to the incident, Dhar said that two students who hail from different parts of the country and do not understand Bengali were assaulted on their way back to the university. He said, three people under the influence of alcohol attacked the students near Silchar Medical College Point.

“When a female student removed her smartphone to record the entire incident she was attacked too. The miscreants abused her, harassed her and were about to beat her with a brick,” said one of the students.

Dhar mentioned that they went to the Gunghoor Police Station immediately after the incident and lodged an FIR. They had also blocked the road near the Police Station. The blockade was removed after Silchar Sadar Police Station OC, Ditumani Goswami “gave” an assurance that they will nab the miscreants within 24 hours.

Today, the Police officials managed to nab one individual in connection with the incident that took place yesterday. However, the student union is not satisfied with the limited progress as their demand is to address all of them. “Arrest 3, and arrest now is their demand,” said Goswami who is dealing with the case.

He added, “In the FIR, the victims did not mention any names or any specific details that would help us identify the culprits. We have apprehended one and we will see if we can get to the other three through him.”

By the time the report was filed, the protest was going on in front of the main gate of Assam University Silchar.

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