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"Ragging, Possession of Ganja, Conspiracy": NIT students involved in the brutal assault of mess workers have a history: Whistleblower

On July 26th, a shocking incident unfolded at NIT Silchar, involving several students who resorted to a savage assault on three mess workers. The disturbing video footage that emerged paints a grim picture of the students mercilessly attacking the workers, leaving one in an unconscious state. What’s more alarming is that when a worker fainted during the attack, the students callously dismissed it as an act to evade punishment and continued their violent onslaught. According to the students, these three mess workers have allegedly stolen their goods.

What lends a particularly troubling edge to this episode is the revelation that these assailants are not newcomers to such reprehensible behavior. Reports indicate a troubling history of misconduct. These students have apparently been involved in previous instances of ragging juniors and even caught with illegal substances like ‘ganja’ on campus. Such disturbing behaviors are symptomatic of a deeper malaise that needs to be urgently addressed.

It is imperative to recognize that this sordid saga unfurls within the walls of an institution nurtured by taxpayer funds and government largesse. The National Institute of Technology, Silchar, stands as a monument to educational aspirations upheld by the public’s hard-earned money. The administration’s belated response, conveyed through Registrar KL Baishnab, though vowing prompt action, remains a mere verbal pledge until definitive action is witnessed.

What exacerbates the situation is the skewed accountability. Three security personnel were suspended from Vanguard, the security service contracted for campus protection, for merely watching the assault unfold. On the contrary, the students responsible for the violent act roam free, their identities concealed. This skewed reaction only reinforces a sense of impunity among the students, while leaving the victims and their families bereft of justice.

The identity of the attackers is known to the Barak Bulletin, but in a display of ethical journalism, their names are withheld. Instead, the onus lies with the institute’s disciplinary committee, chaired by Dr. Pranjit Burman (Dean SW) to take appropriate action. The imbroglio is further exacerbated by the enigmatic figure of Dr. Pranjit Burman, a reputed Chemistry scholar thrust into the role of an amateur investigator. While his expertise in academia is undeniable, his credentials in dissecting criminal intent and meting out justice remain questionable. It is a poignant paradox that a person of intellectual acumen is tasked with unveiling the facets of a criminal conspiracy, leaving the legitimacy of such an inquiry hanging by a thread.



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In the wake of this incident, the Barak Bulletin has been subjected to intimidation tactics, including threats and demands to delete the video and reports. However, these attempts to suppress the truth only reinforce the urgency of shedding light on this matter. Furthermore, anonymous whistleblowers have come forward, shedding light on the attackers’ previous misdeeds, including incidents of manhandling and protests against the administration. This pattern paints a clear picture of a deeply rooted issue that has been festering. Even if the mess workers are thieves, what gives the students the rights to investigate, judge and execute the punishment?

“Important for you to know the history of the students involved here (in the brutal assault of mess workers). They were caught taking ragging of juniors in the last 2 weeks. Some of them were also caught with ‘ganja’ in their hostel rooms and a day before this incident same group of students protested against the administration in front of director’s residence after getting caught red-handed with ganja when the professor in-charge raided their hostel rooms at night,” shared a whistleblower

Another whistleblower added, “Some of the students were involved last semester also when the catering service manager was manhandled by the students of BH 9C.”

In a glaring act of impunity, the institution’s reputation appears to eclipse the rights of the aggrieved. It’s as though these students believe that their academic brilliance grants them immunity from the laws that govern us all. A chilling assertion, where the pursuit of education transforms into a license to maim.

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