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Rajdeep Roy announces 'Rajdeep Roy Football Tournament'; Backs Cachar Sports Forum to organise

Cachar Sports Forum going to host a Knockout Football tournament named after Silchar MP Dr. Rajdeep Roy. A press conference was held at the Cachar BJP office where it was announced that the Cachar Sports Forum which was formed as a probable alternative to District Sports Association Silchar will be hosting the knockout football tournament named after Silchar MP.


The football tournament is being organized, as Dr. Roy said, as per the wish of PM Modi which he conveyed to all the BJP MPs in the last parliamentary board meeting. PM Modi wants all the BJP MPs to get actively involved with any kinds of local sports and athletics at the local level of their constituency.


Cachar BJP has decided to fulfill the direction of PM Modi and CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and organise a knockout football tournament “Dr. Rajdeep Roy Rural-Urban Knockout Football Tournament 2022.” We have decided to hold football keeping the popularity of football in mind in local areas. Former DSA Secretary, Sithil Dhar, BJP’s district president Bimalendu Roy, and Cachar Sports Forum President Prasenjit Bhattacharjee were also present at the press conference held at Cachar BJP Office.


“The relation between Cachar Sports Forum and BJP is like the relation between RSS and Jana Sangha in 1970s, they have dual memberships,” Rajdeep Roy

The matches will be played following the FIFA rules and will be for 70 minutes with half time at 35 minutes. One champion team will be selected from each zone, and the final tournament will be played between eight teams at the Football Academy field in Silchar. The tournament will begin on January 9 at Sonai. There will be a man of the match award in every match, winner of the tournament will get Rs 25,000 as winning money and runners up will get Rs 15,000 there will be trophies for other awards. The organizers have instructed the teams not to hire players from outside and give chances to local players. Total 42 teams will be playing at the zonal rounds and the Final match will be held on January 27. 


“Cachar Sports Forum has expressed the interest to host the tournament, and they have some genuine former sports personalities and administrators with them so we are happy to collaborate with Cachar Sports Forum,” said Dr. Roy.


The officials of Cachar Sports Forum are also having BJP memberships, so they will look after if there is any dispute in the tournament, all the mondal presidents and general secretaries along with the MLAs are asked to be present at the tournament from time to time.


While answering a question about the relationship between Cachar Sports Forum and BJP, Dr. Roy said, “The relation between Cachar Sports Forum and BJP is like the relation between RSS and Jana Sangha in 1970s, they have dual memberships.”


But if the MP or BJP is organising a Football tournament as per the direction of the Prime Minister, why is Rajdeep Roy and Co. not associating with Silchar DSA? What explains the association with Cachar Sports Forum which was just established as a rebel organisation? Is this MP’s official statement announcing Cachar Sports Forum as an alternative to Silchar DSA?


The MP’s answer, “Time has not arrived to draw any conclusion, we will see what happens in the long run. All the sports lovers have gathered to form the Cachar Sports Forum, they are energetic, they are a noncontroversial and genuine sports person. They are dedicated to making sports more participatory and engaging; we hope more members will join us in the following days.”

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