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Red Cross rape controversy: "Rashu Paul deserves to be heard" chairman Akhil Paul

Chairman of the Red Cross Hospital, Cachar branch Dr. Akhil Chandra Paul has come in defense of Dr. Rasheshwar Chandra Paul and said that the medical practitioner deserves a chance to be heard in a court of law.

In what may be described as a stunning turn of events, Dr. Rasheshwar Chandra Paul (alias Dr. Rashu Paul) of Indian Red Cross Society Hospital, Silchar, was suspended from his services at the hospital for conspiring to protect a rape accused criminal at the hospital.

The decision was made public this Friday after an inquiry committee was set up by the hospital management authority which adjudged that Dr. Paul had allowed the criminal to be admitted in the hospital through his reference. The committee also said that this was done without their consent.

It may be noted that the criminal, who is a resident of Borkhola – Rajnagar region, had been absconding since last month after having raped a woman. It was only on the 25th of October when Borkhola police came knocking at the doors of the hospital claiming that the criminal had been given refuge inside the hospital premises.

The very next day (26th of October), the hospital had set up a 6-member enquiry committee to look into the matter. The committee members included Dipayan Chakraborty, Rathindranath Saha, district chairman Dr. Akhil Chandra Paul, Sujan Dutta, Shankar Dey, hospital sub-committee chairman Abhijeet Paul and CMO Dr. Swapna Sen.

Later, on the 4th and the 5th of November, a meeting was held in which statements of 6 hospital workers including nurses were taken into account. Dr. Rashu was also interrogated in that same session. The committee later adjudged him guilty for making contradictory statements.

This report was then passed on to Red Cross president and Cachar DC S. Lakshmanan and subsequently on to the Assam State Branch of the Indian Red Cross Society.

In a meeting that was held this Friday, Cachar DC had also said that he will be approaching the Medical Council of India to invalidate the accused doctor’s registration.

This suggestion was, however, severely contested by Dr. Akhil Paul which drew him significant amount of flak and ridicule from his own colleagues for trying to shield a fellow colleague.

In an exclusive interaction with Barak Bulletin, Dr. Akhil Paul defended his stance by saying, “This is a very unfortunate situation and we think that despite all the serious allegations, he deserves a chance to be heard in court. We have referred the case to the state board of the hospital and we are sure they will come up with the right decision”.

Sources also suggest that the Cachar DC is taking this case very seriously and has personally requested Cachar SP to do a strict legal enquiry into the matter.

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