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Replica of Satsang temple as pandal, band of Dhakis from Kolkata; Tarapur Motor Stand aims grand scale

Durga Puja is knocking at the door and the Puja Committees, bound by Covid protocols, are leaving no stones unturned to make it an extravaganza. One of the attractions of Sharod Ustav in Barak Valley is Silchar Tarapur Motorstand Durga Puja Committee. Renowned for putting up a grand exhibition, the Puja Committee had kept it low key last year owing to the Covid devastation. This year too there are restrictions but the committee is willing to take calculated risks in order to be an attraction in the entire valley. This also happens to be the ‘Parar Puja’ of newly elected MLA of Silchar. 

MLA Silchar, Dipayan Chakraborty is the chief patron of the Durga Puja Committee that installs its pandal at the Silchar Railway Station amidst restrictions. Chakraborty, along with other Puja Committee members held a press briefing earlier today. He informed that the Committee has earmarked a budget of Rs 10 lakh for this year’s Sharod Utsav and it can grow beyond if needed. This year’s attraction will be a giant replica of the Silchar Satsang Vihar Ashram.

“It was my long term dream to setup the pandal replicating the Anukul Thakur Ashram,” said Chakraborty. Adding, “I have served this Puja committee as secretary and it is a body close to my heart. It is a great moment for me that the committee has trusted me with the responsibility of chief patron,” added Silchar MLA.

Along with the pandal, the committee will also have a band of dhakis from Kolkata to mesmerise the devotees. Respecting the tradition of Silchar Satsang Vihar, the committee announced that every evening there will be a general prayer.

Chief minister of Assam had announced that he will be in Silchar on the occasion of Maha Saptami. “If everything goes according to plan, then honourable chief minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma will inaugurate the pandal,” said Dipayan Chakraborty.

While the excitement is palpable, Chakraborty reiterated that the committee will pay special attention to the Covid protocols laid down by the government of Assam. They are demarcating ‘No Entry’ Zone to ensure there in physical distancing. Moreover, the lighting will also be a major attraction. Artisans from Kolkata will help Chakkeshwari to build the pandal and decorate it in and out.

Overall, this puja is set to attract devotees this year. Also, it is going to be a show of might for the new MLA.

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