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Retired doctor in Indian Railways, Tarapur's Chandrakanta Sarkar and his wife test positive for COVID19

Tarapur’s Kalimohan Road resident Dr. Chandrakanta Sarkar and his wife Shanti Sarkar tested positive for COVID19 yesterday. Dr. Sarkar was suffering from a mild fever and dry cough and was under medication for about 10 days.

“Just to get the mental satisfaction I said both me and my wife will get our swab sample tested,” said Sarkar. However, as it turns out, both of them were carrying the infection and have now been admitted to Silchar Civil Hospital.

Dr. Sarkar said neither him nor his wife traveled anywhere outside Assam recently, “I have no clue where we got the virus from. Actually, my fever subsided and I almost recovered fully. I am surprised that both I and my wife have tested positive for COVID19,” added Sarkar.

The number of patients testing positive without travel history is increasing thick and fast. Officials in the administration said patients testing positive with Influenza-Like Illness is a worrying sign.

Condition of Doctor Chandrakanta Sarkar and Shanti Sarkar is stable. They have two sons, Rajdeep Sarkar and Chinmoy Sarkar. Rajdeep is currently in Mumbai due to his professional engagement and Chinmoy is in Silchar.

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