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Robbery in broad daylight in Cachar: Thieves broke into a businessman's house to steal jewelry, clothes

Bhangarpar’s popular businessman Rehan Uddin Barbhuiya’s house was ransacked and robbed earlier today, leaving the community on edge and demanding swift action from authorities.

The audacious burglary occurred at the Barbhuiya family’s residence, situated in Borkhola Legislative Assembly Constituency of Cachar district. The family had left their home at around 1 PM to visit relatives, securely locking the doors behind them. However, upon their return at 7 PM, they were met with a scene of chaos and devastation.

Unknown assailants had forcefully broken into the house during the family’s absence, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The entire house had been turned upside down, and the robbers had even managed to break open the wardrobe, including its sturdy locker.

Rehan Uddin Barbhuiya, visibly distraught by the incident, revealed that the culprits had made off with valuables estimated at a staggering Rs 1,10,000. This included new clothing worth Rs 60,000 and precious ornaments valued at Rs 50,000.

Local authorities have been informed, and Barbhuiya is urging the Cachar Police to take immediate and stringent action against the perpetrators in accordance with the law. He emphasized the importance of not only bringing the criminals to justice but also ensuring the safety and security of the residents of Bhangarpar.

This alarming incident has sparked concerns among the local population, as it marks yet another in a series of recurring criminal activities in the area.

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