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Rongpur man allegedly commits suicide due to assault and humiliation for delay in payment of loan money

A forty-year-old man allegedly committed suicide after being assaulted and facing humiliation due to a delay in payment of loan money. The sensational incident took place at the Gangapara area in Rongpur, Silchar. As per sources, a local businessman named Sanjeev Saha had taken a loan of 90 thousand rupees from his neighbour Ritam Das. Sanjeev was paying the loan amount along with interest in monthly installments to Ritam.

Since the last few days, Sanjeev’s business has not going well and hence the payment was delayed. Ritam summoned Sanjeev to his house at 11 pm yesterday night for non-payment of dues and started beating him as per allegations of Sanjeev’s family. After hearing about the incident, Sanjeev’s wife and his brother went to Ritam’s house for pacification but he started attacking them as well.

Severely injured Sanjeev returned to his home and slept for the night. In the morning, members of the family noticed the dead body of Sanjeev lying on the first floor of the house under construction. His wife and family members have alleged that Sanjeev was assaulted by Ritam for delay in payment of loan. Due to such humiliation, Sanjeev took the extreme path of suicide as per his family members.

After getting news of the incident, the Police arrived at the spot and sent the dead body for post mortem examination to Silchar Medical College and Hospital. The Police has launched an investigation into the incident.

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