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Rumi Nath, MLA Kishore Nath's aide Amal Nath gets involved in a brawl; FIR, counter FIR filed

Former Barkhola MLA Rumi Nath and the current MLA of the same constituency Kishore Nath’s close aide Amal Nath, got involved in a heated argument which soon turned into a brawl. The incident took place last evening at the Cachar – superintendent of police’s office in Silchar. Late evening, Amal Nath was spotted inside the office. He visited the additional SP with around 20 others and Rumi Nath followed a few minutes back.

According to Amal Nath, he had visited the SP Office to request the officials to nab the miscreants who stole the idol from a temple in Barkhola constituency. His version of the story is, when he entered the additional SP’s cabin along with a couple of others, Rumi Nath “barged in and pulled a chair.” He says she sat down there while they were discussing the matter and tried to “communalise the matter.”

“I requested the additional SP Sir to first finish whatever she (Rumi Nath) had to discuss and we will revisit after she is done. The additional SP also asked her to wait outside but she did not and instead continued using inappropriate language and tried to give the entire incident a communal colour,” said Amal Nath while speaking with our correspondent.

As both walked out of the additional SP’s room, both Amal Nath and Rumi Nath got involved in a heated argument. Rumi Nath was heard saying, “How dare you abuse me, how dare you use such language against a woman,” while Amal Nath repeatedly said, “I don’t have time to talk to someone like you.”

A couple of videos that surfaced on social media shows while Amal Nath was walking away with the 20 others who had joined him, a young boy attacked him from behind and Amal Nath and his companions retaliated, creating a brawl inside the office that controls law and order in the district. Amal Nath alleged that the boy who started beating him is Rumi Nath’s driver who acted on her instruction. He even went to Silchar Sadar Police station and filed an FIR.

Rumi Nath, who spent 10-years as an MLA in Assam, while narrating her version of the story said that she too went to meet the additional SP to demand immediate arrest of the miscreants who stole the idol from the temple in Barkhola. “I did not communalise anything, rather, I requested the SP to arrest  whoever is responsible irrespective of caste, community or creed,” she said responding to the allegations put forward by Amal Nath.

She said, Amal Nath is a “Gunda (goon) hired by Barkhola MLA Kishore Nath to create a ruckus.” Added, “He abused me, embarrassed me and pulled my clothes. He and his goons snatched away my bag which had around Rs 33,000.”

She has also filed an FIR at Silchar Sadar Police Station demanding immediate arrest of Amal Nath. She said she will not leave the Police station unless Amal Nath is arrested, “I have got my blanket and I will sleep here on the floor,” she said.

Only the concerned parties know who is speaking the truth and who is lying. Why two renowned individuals got involved in a brawl and is Kishore Nath involved in this, or is this how they are gearing up for 2021 Assembly Elections. There are plenty of questions but only Police can answer.

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