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Same old playbook just new faces: Speculations end BJP heavyweights in DSA BGM's voters' list

Looking at the list, one might think of a political fight. It’s very difficult to ascertain if this is the list of general council members of the Silchar District Sports Association. Because the voter’s list for the upcoming BGM released by Silchar DSA on Wednesday is all about politicians. Everyone is on the list starting from Silchar MP, MLA to Trinamool MP, Udharbond and Lakhipur MLAs. District and Mondal-level karyakartas of the ruling party were also not left out. Opposition leaders are also on the list.

In the published voter’s list, notably MP Rajdeep Roy and Udharbond MLA Mihir Kanti Shome have been nominated by Jatiyo Byayam Vidyalaya. Lakhipur MLA Kaushik Roy is from PWD while Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty is from Shyamacharan Dev Bidyapith. Trinamool MP Sushmita Dev is from Tarapur AC while Tamal Kanti Banik is from Ambikapur AC. Konad Purkayastha is from Bijoyi Sangha. Bimalendu Roy and Uday Shankar Goswami are from Itkhola Sporting. Besides there are many other leaders and workers of the ruling party in the voter’s list.

Everyone including the sports and political fraternity was eagerly waiting for the list of voters that eventually got declared by Silchar DSA on Wednesday. Now the permutations and combinations will begin to elect the body that will run the autonomous sports association. The published 18-page booklet contains the names of a total of 227 voters. There is also a list of who is from which club. The first page of the published booklet contains a list of ten life members. The second page contains the names of ex-office bearers and they are Babul Hore the incumbent president, Bijendra Prasad Singh – the incumbent Secretary, and Animesh Sengupta the treasurer.

The third page starts with the list of category-wise clubs with their member names. First, there are twenty A-category clubs that have six votes each. This list includes India Club, Town Club, Silchar Sporting Club, United Club, Tarapur AC, Cachar Police AC, Ambicapur Club, Malugram Club, Itkhola AC, Bijoyi Sangha, Tarun Sangha, Madhya Sahar SS, Student AC, Son of India, Pubali, Arunachal SS, Bengal Boys Club, Jatiyo Byayam Bidyaloy, Evening Club and PWD AC.

Next is the list of B-category clubs. These clubs have two votes each. Then there is the list of G category club members. The list has 23 clubs. Each of them has one member i.e. one vote. Lastly, there are total of 27 schools, colleges, and educational institutions belonging to the E category. Each of the educational institutions has one vote.

The heavy political representation of the BJP signifies that the sour defeat of the last election is still afresh in their minds. This is also a playbook from the past. Earlier, Congress and loyalists of the party ruled the District Sports Association by fielding heavyweights and swinging votes. Arm-twisting smaller clubs to field candidates with political agenda is also a common story unfolding this year too. With this might the BJP has unleashed, it won’t be a surprise the party manages to breach the Congress bastion. However, people who have followed BGMs for years say, it is not over until it is actually over. Some are even hinting towards infighting within the BJP which might play for Babul Hore and his lobby siding the Congress and Co.

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