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Saraswati Puja immersion procession in Silchar; May the DJ idiocy of ignorant Hindus come to an end!

A few days back, the Bengali Hindus had their first Major Devi Puja of the English Calender Year in the form of the Aradhana of Maa Saraswati. No doubt the Devi Saraswati is worshipped in almost every School and College of the Valley, and should be rightfully done as well. This is our heritage that dates back thousands of years and requires to be preserved and continued in all its glory and traditional essence, as it has always been.

However, the lack of culture, knowledge and education reflects from one’s action and some people never fail to showcase their idiocy and ignorance. This has always been the tradition in this part of the Indian subcontinent that the Saraswati Pratima is never taken for immersion on the year of its worship. The Pratima is kept secured for one year and only the Ghot Bishorjon takes place. The Pratima is taken out from the institutions for the Ghat, only after one year of its worship, when a new Pratima is brought over for worshipping and to replace the previous one.

This year, idiocy broke all its limits, when a group of young boys, ignorant and stupid I must say, took the Saraswati Pratima for Bisharjan, backed by DJ Sound Systems and with no regard to the essence and traditions of the festival, that they are actually celebrating. The idiocy is so painful to be viewed over the social media platforms. We Hindus have reduced every Spiritual aspect of our Dharma into a means for self-pleasure, enjoyment or at times for carrying out publicity stunts for personal fame, as in the case of distorting the meaning of Kanyadaan itself and vilifying every other ritual as Anti-Women, which they are not.

The elders of the localities need to take the charge and school the young unmindful guys about what they are allowed to do and what not, during the Hindu festivals. Drunk DJ dances for Pratima Bisharjan, now even pulled in for Saraswati Puja is a dangerous trend. We are doomed to fall if we are not going to do anything to shield against such unruly behaviours. It is an appeal from my side to the learned elderly persons of the town and the valley, who actually feel for the Hindu Dharma, please come forward and save us from the rot that we are dipping ourselves into. Take a stand and warn against such distortions of Hinduism, before it is too late.

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