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SEBA confirms conduct of HSLC exam in 2024 ending all speculations, Exam pattern undergoes radical change

Allaying all speculations rife in the air regarding the abolition of HSLC exam in Assam, the Board of Secondary Education Assam (SEBA) has confirmed the commencement of HSLC exam from the first week of February, 2024. However, the Board has also revealed drastic changes in exam pattern for the 2024 HSLC which maybe called a paradigm shift.

In a communication addressed to all Inspector of Schools across Assam, SEBA’s Secretary detailed the modifications set to take effect in the HSLC Examination, 2024. The major change involves the introduction of personalised Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheets, a move designed to facilitate the evaluation of objective-type questions, which will account for 50% of the total marks.

The subjects impacted by this change include English (C1), General Mathematics (C2), General Science (C3) and Social Science (C4). In this new system, each candidate will receive a personalised OMR sheet. These OMR sheets will be utilised for answering the objective questions, each carrying one mark. The decision to implement personalised OMR sheets is rooted in the belief that the students are already familiar with the OMR system, given its prior use for evaluation in Gunotsav.

The remaining 50% of the marks will have to be answered in traditional Answer Scripts. These scripts will consist of 16 pages, consistent with previous examination formats.

While these changes are poised to reshape the landscape of the HSLC Examination, a notable chorus of dissent has emerged, particularly concerning literature subjects like English. Critics argue that the use of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to assess literature might fail to do justice to the discipline.

Literature is traditionally viewed as a realm demanding critical thinking, interpretation and an analysis of the text, attributes that the MCQ format may not effectively capture. Concerns have been voiced regarding the ability to assess a student’s proficiency in dissecting themes, characters and symbolism, which are fundamental aspects of literary exploration.

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