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Several people defeated in BGM were kept as branch members, Jyotishman turned down the offer of assistant treasurer!

After GB formation, various branches of Silchar District Sports Association were also formed. It is noteworthy that several people who lost in the BGM have been kept as members of different branches of the new committee. According to the top officials of the Association, Branch Secretaries have been entrusted with the responsibility of setting up each Branch. The Branch Secretaries took the rest of the members including the Assistant Secretaries as per their choice. But according to sources, the ruling lobby has included people of their choice in each branch. Even multiple people defeated in the BGM have been taken as members. Following the advice of the ruling lobby, various branches have been shaped.

The Branch Secretary is responsible for setting up the branch. The Branch Secretary prepares a list and submits it to the Secretary. Former players are given priority while making this list. Besides, those who worked in the previous committee are also kept in the list. Emphasis is also placed on experience. But this time, that tradition was not followed. Rather, to make everyone happy, people defeated in the BGM have been kept as members of different branches. Those who have nothing to do with sports have been kept in different branches due to the intervention of the ruling lobby as so called sports lovers.

Since the end of BGM, several defeated candidates started running for the position of Assistant Secretary and members of the branch. Most have succeeded in it. Although they did not get the responsibility as Assistant Branch Secretary, they were included as Branch members. Surjit Nath, who lost in the BGM, has been placed in the Balls department. He was defeated in the election against Shantanu Roy who is current Secretary of the department. Ex-Hockey Secretary Sajal Laskar, who was suspended for making communal comments has been retained as a member of the Hockey branch. Interestingly, Sajal Laskar is from the opposition side. He was one of the prime candidates in the voting for the G category clubs in the GB formation. But at the very last moment he stepped aside. So this time Sajal Laskar got his award! Bharatiya Janata Party’s Amitesh Chakraborty and Deepjyoti Roy are members of the Physical department. Nitai Paul quit Hockey and became a member of the Indoor Branch.

According to a source, a proposal was sent to Jyotishman Bhattacharjee for the post of Assistant Treasurer but he denied it. Jyotishman Bhattacharjee was defeated in BGM against the Association’s Treasurer Buddhadev Choudhury. However, the Association sent a proposal to him for the post of Assistant Treasurer. It has been known that a permanent office assistant will be recruited in the Association as the newly elected officials do not devote much time!

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