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Silchar DSA to restore the membership of twenty 'dormant' clubs and educational institutions

The Silchar District Sports Association dismissed a total of twenty clubs and educational institutions from their membership in the GB meeting held on October 2, 2021 for being completely inactive. However, this time the DSA has decided to conditionally return the membership to those twenty clubs and educational institutions. This decision was taken unanimously in the GB meeting. It has been stipulated that the performance of these twenty clubs and educational institutions will be reviewed for the next two years, that is, how much they participate in the organisation’s sports events, if at all, will be monitored. If again these twenty clubs and educational institutions are proved to be inactive then their membership will be taken away.

It was decided in the GB meeting that the BGM will be held following the 2019 list as per the instructions of the Assam Olympic Organisation (AOA). As mentioned in the constitution, one third of the life members can vote. A maximum of 15 people can exercise their voting rights. Not more than that. Honorary Life Members cannot vote.

The important thing is that District Sports Organisation organisation is going to conduct BGM soon. DSA wants to clean the house before that. GB meeting will be called again after everything is fine. The date of BGM will be finalised in that meeting.

Several other important decisions were taken in the GB meeting. One of them is the increase in the rent of JC International located on the stadium premises. In 2006, DSA signed a 16-year contract with the authorities of JC International. Accordingly, the rent per square foot of the first floor was fixed at Rs. 3. That contract expired on October 31 last year. This time, the Organisation has decided to sign a new contract. The resolution has been passed in the GB meeting. According to the new agreement, the first floor rent of JC International has been fixed at Rs. 25 per square foot. The first floor has 8594 square feet. JC International will be given three months to sign the new contract. If the agreement is not fulfilled, DSA will take it into their own hands in the future.

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