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Silchar DSA's online coaching classes getting good response

Due to the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic, all kinds of sports activities of the Silchar District Sports Association (DSA) have been halted. The gates of the Silchar DSA have been kept locked for quite a long time. Amid such a situation, the DSA’s cricket academy has started online coaching classes to keep the players mentally fit in such situations. This online class has commenced on May 30.

Silchar DSA has also organized online classes during the lockdown last year. Now the cricket branch of the DSA has taken the same step considering the gravity of the situation. So far this online class has been getting quite a good response. The association has arranged this online class three days a week. They happen to be on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings.

A total of 32 trainees took part in the online class on the first day. After that, a good number of trainees also took part in the remaining two sessions of the week. This online class runs in two sessions three days a week. The first session starts at 7:30 am and the second time at 8:30 am. The academy coaches are training a total of four groups in two sessions with two separate groups each. The online classes will be coached by Debajyoti Paul, Uttam Roy, and Shubham Deb. Biplob Sharma Purkayastha is the Technical Coach.

The coaches have been conducting this online class from the cricket pavilion of the association. However, it was not possible on Saturday morning due to rain. As a result, the four coaches had to conduct classes from their homes. In this online class, coaches are also giving physical tips along with discussing various technical aspects of cricket. They are also teaching the trainees how to keep fit by doing light physical exercise indoors as well.

Cricket Secretary Niranjan Das said that online coaching is getting a pretty good response. And they are interested in continuing this online class until the situation returns to normal. He said, “We have organized this online class to keep the players mentally fit. Two sessions are running three days a week. Players from different age groups are being coached together in two separate groups. We want to continue this class until the situation returns to normal.”

In the online class, the players are being given various physical exercises including jogging and stretching. Niranjan Das said that the main purpose of this online class is to keep the players mentally involved in cricket even if they are away from the field.

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