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Silchar participates in trashtag challenge; DC Laya Madduri, senior officials leading from the front

Silchar is nowhere lagging when it comes to following the worldwide trend of cleanliness. The viral ‘Trashtag Challange’ started almost a month ago in the town with different NGOs and clubs and most recently the Cachar District Administration along with various other government and non-government organisations taking charge to clean their surroundings.



On Saturday, Deputy Commissioner Laya Madduri along with Assistant Commissioner, Maria Tanim, officials of PHE division II and others covered the vulnerable littering points in the vicinity of Silchar Medical College. NGOs including Rotaract Club of Silchar Medical College, Barak Rural Public, Uttar Krishnapur Janaialyab, Beranga Development Society, G.P President Ghungoor with members cum business association located in the periphery of littering site, Swachh Grahi-15nos of uniform under Swachh Bharat Mission, Deputy superintendent of Silchar Medical college along with Junior Doctors Association, President Ghungoor Water Supply Sanitation Committee and DDMA also joined this cleanliness drive.



District administration in coordination with local public, has planned for segregated waste collection, composting, recycling and separate disposal of bio-medical waste. The initiative has been initiated to involve public in Solid Waste Management.

Ashok Bijoy Das, Executive Engineer PHE Division II has informed that a fresh initiative has been taken which mandates the waste collected in tricycles by the NGOs from residential campuses and commercial shops shall be dumped at the designated dumping yard. He also urged people to be aware and participate in the process of keeping the surroundings clean.

While different NGOs and Governmental Bodies are trying to make people aware of the problem of garbage piled roadside, it is yet to reflect on the roads. JCBs, garbage trucks and other cleaning vehicles are often seen messing the traffic at rush hours in the morning when people are in a hurry to reach office or school. While the progress of trashtag challenge and involvement of DC and other senior officials is commendable, lack of dustbins and primarily empty dustbins continues to be a teething issue.

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